Construction Cost Expert Witness Maryland

The construction cost expert witness Maryland staff at Costcon Construction Services, Inc. delivers effective solutions as they relate to establishing the cost of the deficiencies regarding claims (establishing what the deficiencies are as established by the Architect or Forensic Engineer) arising from construction-related litigation. Construction Cost Expert Witness in Maryland provides expert witness testimony, and claims related support services to architects and/or forensic engineers on a nationwide basis, including the following arenas:

Expert Witness for Construction Costs Maryland

The determination of all aspects of damages associated with cost issues can be extremely complicated. Costcon’s experts are experienced regarding tracking and pricing change orders and construction claims during projects. They use cutting edge technology to determine not only the most effective methodology to calculate damages, but to also communicate those damages in an easy to understand manner. We perform a thorough evaluation of the project, including reviewing contemporaneous project records, fact witness testimony, and key project cost and schedule data.

Costcon will accurately quantify the related construction repair costs. Explanation of our findings is important to all parties concerned, and so our experts then distill the details into a report that is qualitatively and quantitatively teaming with all of the information pertaining to the claim.

Costcon Construction Services, Inc. has the experience, leadership, and dedication to total client satisfaction that helps make claim litigation proceed toward a just outcome. Contact us for expert witness for construction costs Maryland.

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